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The Big Pumpkin

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Is a variant of Treatment Growth Momentary, see experiment File-8722 based on exciting the formal development bodies. Getting and remove caps the maximum size that has been genetically vetoed vegetables through its functional heritage. This allows us to generate revenues without size limit, to make more effective and sustainable products to the desired size. The micro fibrils are combined with hemicellulose, compound produced by the microsomes, they are chemically bound to cellulose macro fibrils forming a structure called up half a million molecules of cellulose, in a cross-sectional plane. This structure is as strong as reinforced concrete.

The hemicellulose and pectin help to unite the cellulose microfibrils, being highly hydrophilic help support the hydration of cell walls younger. Substances that are embedded in the wall is lignin, a complex molecule that gives rigidity. Fouling substances cutin and suberin and become impermeable cell walls, especially those exposed to air. For these properties the targets most likely to succeed are the of the genus Cucurbita and the family Cucurbitaceae.

It is also possible to reverse the process to ease the transport of some products, getting the nutrients and vitamins to concentrate on smaller products. You have to be careful with this option because it can cause problems for consumers, and they will not be aware of the nutrient intakes, and could cause an overdose being intoxicated. Only a few bacteria, fungi and protozoa may degrade, since they have the necessary enzyme system. (Lepisma sachharina) is used only as an energy source because it is in your digestive tract microorganisms may degrade them selves.

In the cell wall can be recognized as primary wall and secondary wall, differ in the ordering of the cellulose fibrils and the proportion of their constituents. During cell division the two daughter cells are joined by the middle lamella, from which is initially formed primary wall, which micro fibrils are deposited in a disorderly way. As you can see from the pictures.