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Arte Contemporanea

20 Eventi

  • Over 700 pictures inside the room.
  • 2 Albums with pictures about the Italian region and the villages of Sabina.
  • Album of different locations about unknown abandoned places.
  • Moleskin notebook with Botanical sketches and scientific notes.
  • 8 Negative films, “B/N & Color” and a handmade light table.
  • One cardbox with 32 old bulbs, model T-17 of high discharge.
  • Broken Reflex Camera photo with case “Zenit 12XP” and a book / manual of photography.
  • Kodak Carousel S-AV Slideshow projector with a carrying case and timer controller.
  • One sorter with 200 diapositives about a journey to the Vatican. Italy.
  • Archive with some experiment files and documentation folders.
  • Small closet with an Herbarium (6), and collection of dried plants and flowers into the little plastic bags 8x4cm. (54).
  • A wooden chair, desk two lamps and drawer full of various small objects like a: lighters, ashtray, scissors, playing cards, matches box, knives, clips, a coil of rope, locks…
  • Several boxes of empty fruit and many empty wine glass bottles.
  • Portable red and single bed and mattress size 90x180cm.
  • Black toolbox Dimensions: 68x24x28 cm: Hammer, wrench, screwdriver, nails, screws, pliers, color wires, sockets, switches.
  • A golden metal scientific balance, one broken microscope and some test tubes.
  • A travel bag inside had a various  objects such as a war gas mask, one pair of handmade shoes and some textbooks about nature, medicine, mathematics and physical.
  • Dirty blue work overalls.

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