Speaker's Garden

Is a chapter, small collection from the documentation that we found following the trails until Berlin, about expand the communication networks or even hack the frequency signals by means of implants techno-vegetables with Speakers into the ground, “speakers serve both as transmitters and receptors” creating a network of inter-plant connections which can not be detected by radar of high/medium frequency and short wave. Stanislav through “the speaker’s garden” and assisted by the hacked Transmitter antenna in Britz, allowed him to cut frequency signals, from Rias and West Berlin radio used as a bridge for hack the very important the Spy Listening Station at Teufelsberg in the american Sector over the Cold War for deliver reports to the Soviet sector, even Communist.

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Speakers Garden


  • Negatives Film in glass 24x30cm
  • Photography Speaker’s Garden. Developed from the negatives film. B/N 70x100cm
  • File 8722 Expansion of the Communication Network. 50x70cm. Document folder about Expansion of the Communications Network & Annex of the Rias & Radio West Berlin and Teufelsberg: Listening Station.
  • 2x Serie Stanislav Speaker’s.  34x70cm. 10 photographs B/N. 15x10cm
  • BushKrug Documentation 70x35cm. 5 photography color. 10x15cm
  • Rias and West radio berlin Postcards, 10x15cm. Issued at 1967 from Stanislav in Berlin.