Techboatanist a Flos Orator and Lignum Forma
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Read 8723* Electro-Plant-Radio-Acoustic Transducer. “Техноботаника”

With the aim of the reception and storage of short-wave transmission signals of different frequencies, the Techno-Botanical Department is currently studying the creation of batteries and cell receivers of Geo-natural radio waves, which can be easily grown in fertile soil. It enables us to have the advantage of planting radio receivers in enemy ground, to have energetic self-sufficiency and an excellent camouflage in the natural environment. We construct the set of transducers EPRA (Electro-Plant-Radio-Acoustic) which use the basis of two experiments, previously developed by the Techno-Botanical Department.
9863 Flos Orator. The hybrid of a specimen of a flower through electrografts during the germination process which produces a flower whose nerve centre will act as a functional transducer; naturally generated throughmanually-grafted electrical connections. Through the cable-roots the plant sucks all the minerals and salts they need to produce the new material that will form the positive pole magnet in addition to the electro-core coil formed by the anthers and the outer screen surrounding fabric made through the petals.
7789 Lignum Forma. A process which enables a plant successor to emulate and reproduce the exact shape of his predecessor. First we will use a woody plant of the Quercus family, such as the Quercus Robur. We will then sow the plant manually through a squared translucent mould to enable it to receive the necessary light. The square shape may vary, but it is recommended that it has an adequate resonance wave reception of low radio frequencies. Applying the process of Lignum Forma during gestation of the bush, we will get new seeds that can genetically remember and take the original form of the procreator. Having obtained the seeds of Quercus Robus, these should be incised with a clean cut to reach the seed germ in which we will introduce the new specimen such as Flos Orator so they can grow together, thereby producing a hybrid seed of both specimens. During the growth process of the hybrid seed, the Quercus Robus seed will grow first through a circular hole in the wooden cube. Through this ring the light rays will enter feeding the sub-flower-speaker seed and therefore finalizing the process of symbiosis of both bodies.
All the audio signals received by the Flos Orator will be stored in the bulb at an approximate distance of one meter below ground at sea level 0 °. This allows us in any case-if the receptors are found and destroyed by the enemy-to pick up the bulbs hidden under the surface having the opportunity to extract the stored sound; grafting scions of the same species. It is convenient to plant a battery composed of various plants as each flower recipient can pick a different type of frequency, distance and different directions. To ensure the reception of any signal that the near antennas and transmitters emit, including those issued in unusual frequencies, so typical in emissions of coded messages and secret codes.
Rated power of the subject. To calculate maximum power in continuous mode so that the transducer can resist before its subsequent fermentation. The work extends above 225KW before the interceptor could be irreparably damaged because it cannot dissipate the heat and energy produced by the electric circulation through the coil, resulting in the melting of the insulating cortex overlying the copper wire; an alloy of 70-30% that covers it, causing short circuit or cutting of the signal, due to fusion of the copper wire with the new components.
The formula for the electrical power input required is: P = electrical power. I = electric current. Z = impedance. Tб = Technobotanoea. Where the impedance is not concerned with the ratio between the alternating voltage applied to a circuit and intensity of the current produced (which is measured in ohms), the relationship between the magnitude of a periodic action and the response produced in a physical system leads to the effect of technobotanitizing the plant resistance. This is the main source of future research of the TechnoBotanical Department. To increase the availability of speakers / interceptors as living plant organisms that use minerals and the sun’s rays to serve as energy sources for Electro-Plant-Radio-Acoustic transducers which can technobotanitize a hybrid seed of Flos Orator and a Lignum Form.