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Citrus Research & Improved Cortex

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Improved cortex: Application of elements during hybridization throughout the process of ionized photo-injection of the matter between Citrus medica and Limonia accidisima. To develop the fruit on a Citrus medica tree, use the Limonia accidissima as the father for hybridization. Ideally, make at least two attempts for each hybridization, but even more, because not all pollinated flowers develop fruits and seeds and may some mustier and fall as well. Cross-contamination may also occur due to being pollinated by surrounding flowers. Once the election is done, the envelopes must be prepared to hide caps of the pollinated flowers and keep them secure.
The chosen flower of the Citrus medica mother must be almost-blooming but not yet opened. With a fine-tipped scissor, insert the tip a little bit on the more convex cocoon and very carefully cut round the sepals. When the process of emasculation initiates, the stamens have to be removed, which are not yet mature (if they were, namely, that stain by touching, should be discarded because surely contaminate the flower stigma and we can not ensure paternity future of hybrids).
The next step is to remove the stamens (with tweezers are started easily) of Limonia father, and brush generously dust Ge (germanite), throughout the process of ionized matter of  photo-injection exp.9887 before applying it to the stigma of the flower from the parent plant. If unsure that the stigma is mature, (must be a little sticky) repeated pollination one to two days later.
III. Once the flower of Citrus medica mother is pollinated, this will absorb the applied shoves in the system of production in the fruit. The flower should be inserted into the cap, which must be closed on all sides, and fastened with cellophane, to be nailed to the substrate. One caveat, this process should be made using great care because the flower can break with the slightest pressure. Now wait for the fruit to develop – a process that can take two to three weeks. Although everything can be accelerated, with the process of momentary growth. Experiment File-9884.

Improve the properties of rhytidome by the reaction of i-limonene and germanium during the time of formation. Once successfully implemented, the element during the hybridization of both species, the fruit will continue their training process therefore in the process using the element used during hybridization. When the process of ripening the rhytidome of the hybrid fruit, it begins to react naturally with substances limonene, (i-limonene and d-limonene), specific from Rutaceae, absorbing the outer element (Ge). Just forming a new molecular composition, which hardens the rhytidome layer, being is composed of this new assisted composition. Call Limoneoge.